16.11.2017 | News from the “Land of smiles”


With three projects to boast of at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, including the Mercedes-Benz and BMW booths, Raumtechnik once again impressively demonstrated the company’s international power and expertise.


Occupying a floor space of around 2,000 m2 and 1,000 m2 respectively and with their usual sophisticated architectural design, the trade fair stands of these two premium manufacturers were real highlights of this year’s motor show in Japan.


Thanks to its own presence in Asia, Raumtechnik were able to respond to the diverse needs of its customers there. While the concept for the Stuttgart car manufacturer’s trade fair stand was commissioned from Germany, our Munich-based customer opted for a completely regional installation designed by its Asian subsidiary. Two different strategies based on unique principles, but with the same end result: outstanding quality at the highest level.


Even the adverse weather conditions brought on by typhoon “Lan” could not stop Raumtechnik from delivering amazing results, with temporary high-quality structures being constructed over just 6 days and 5 nights, and complying with strict earthquake safety requirements.


Not your average conditions, and yet a welcome challenge for the global trade fair construction specialists.